Speaking to L’Équipe while attending the SPORTEL convention in Monaco, La Liga president Javier Tebas continued his criticism of Paris Saint-Germain’s spending, and accused beIN Sports of not paying for their rights to broadcast La Liga abroad as a result of his comments on the Ligue 1 champions.

What do you think of the reported numbers on Kylian Mbappé’s contract?

We knew that for Mbappé to stay at PSG he would have to be paid a lot. But knowing Al Khelaifi, that [€630m over three years] seems small to me. He has no limits when it comes to reaching his objectives. PSG and Al Khelaifi have shown that money isn’t their problem. If another €200m was needed, they would have given it to Mbappé. But with the current rules it’s impossible for PSG to be spending that much.

PSG had losses of €224m on June 30, 2021, according to the numbers published by the DNCG [French football’s financial watchdog]. And they are said to have lost a lot of money last year too. What do you think about that?

Over the last six or seven seasons, PSG have lost one billion euros. They are breaking the European football ecosystem. How can other clubs compete with someone who has losses of one billion euros. It’s difficult.

If PSG are that far out of bounds, how do you explain to yourself that they are still allowed to compete?

I’m not explaining it to myself, that’s why we are [legally] complaining about it. There is a certain willingness from UEFA, but decisions need to be quicker and more efficient in applying the rules in place.

PSG were handed a €65m fine including €55m suspended, for being out of FFP bounds. And they have to balance the books or be hit with further sanctions…

€10m for PSG and Nasser is a cup of coffee! Sanctions have to be dissuasive and also affect the sporting side of things. That has not been the case with those that were taken. These penalties don’t work, they have to be sanctioned now.

[…] La Liga have a complaint with beIN, who according to you haven’t paid their dues in terms of broadcasting rights outside of Spain…

The only ones they haven’t paid, with no excuse or reasoning, are us! I imagine they’re doing it by saying; “Seeing as you’re behaving badly with us, Javier, that you act like a bad boy and you criticise PSG, we’ll stop paying”. I can’t be sure of it, but it’s what I think. They’ve owed us €50m since August 15, they were supposed to pay €60m and they paid €10m.

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