Unaired Impact Episode Now Available on Impact Plus

As previously reported, Pursuit aired a rerun of last week’s Impact Wrestling on Friday night instead of a new episode. Impact later tweeted out that the episode is now available on Impact Plus for viewers free of charge. You can check out that announcement tweet below. We’ve made tonight’s episode available immediately to US viewers on @IMPACTPlusApp! Sign up for […]

Moxley details his last few months in WWE hell on latest episode of Talk is Jericho

AEW’s newest acquisition, Jon Moxley, appeared on the latest episode of the Talk is Jericho podcast to discuss a variety of subjects, including signing with AEW, leaving WWE, problems with WWE creative, and more. During the interview, the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose, detailed the several battles with WWE creative and eventually Vince McMahon over the ridiculous promos he […]

Notes on Ryback and Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has a special message for TNT fans. Link to #AEW’s PPV debut event, #DoubleOrNothing here: https://t.co/plm5rtrxnX pic.twitter.com/9tlPh5p4QB — TNT Drama (@tntdrama) May 25, 2019 This is how it begins! Watch the story of the founding of #AEW, featuring Cody, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and more. Link to @AEWrestling’s PPV debut event, #DoubleOrNothing PPV here: https://t.co/plm5rtJ8Mx […]

WWE extends broadcast deal with FOX Sports in Latin America

WWE has extended its agreement with FOX Sports in Latin America with a new multi-year deal to continue broadcasting WWE’s weekly flagship programming live. In addition to airing Raw and SmackDown Live, each week FOX will also air the localized production, WWE Saturday Night, as well as Main Event and NXT. The new partnership also includes one-hour versions of Raw […]

‘Janitor Gary Garbutt’ on Raw Identified

The Jackson Sun reports that the identity of the janitor on Raw last, Gary Garbutt, was actually Kosha Irby. Irby was formerly the President of the Alliance of American Football’s Memphis Express. Previously, Irby worked for WWE for several years as a regional director of live events. During the show, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre approached the janitor Gary to […]

Fox deletes Kristine Leahy’s interview clip with Bayley

Here’s the clip from Kristine Leahy’s interview with Bayley—tweeted Thursday by her FS1 show’s official account and then deleted within the last hour—where a relative softball question stumbled into Leahy being shocked by WWE talent driving themselves and not having a union. pic.twitter.com/w1t8j3SsG6 — David Bixenspan (@davidbix) July 13, 2019 Click Here: racing 92 rugby jersey

Mark Henry Calls Becky Lynch Arrogant – Lynch Replies

Becky Lynch took a slight bit of issue with Mark Henry’s recent comments on Busted Open Radio about her coming off as ‘arrogant.’ On a recent episode, Henry responded to a fan comment about Lynch’s change in demeanor by noting that Lynch is acting overconfident which is setting her up to be viewed as a heel. He added that he […]