FAIRFAX, VA — When Brilliant Earth opened its first brick and mortar jewelry store in San Francisco in 2005, it set out to shake things up.

“The idea was to transform the jewelry industry, making sure that there’s more transparency, sustainability, and also make it more inclusive for the majority of people,” said Katie Troung, the customer service store manager at Brilliant Earth’s new Mosaic District location.

Troung has been with Brilliant Earth for about 2 1/2 years, working at the company’s store in Washington, D.C. She transferred to Fairfax in early May to manage the Mosaic District location.

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One of Brilliant Earth’s specialties is providing personalized service for customers shopping for an engagement ring or wedding band. Clients are encouraged to make an appointment and fill out a survey, so that the store employees can tailor and curate the jewelry for them ahead of time.

“In that appointment, we have everything broken down to, ‘Are you here to see a diamond? What type of stone are you looking for?'” Troung said. “The majority of people are looking at a diamond, but we also are offering gemstones like sapphires, rubies and moissanite.”

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The ultimate goal is to match each customer with the right stone.

“We have recycled, natural and lab-grown diamonds,” Troung said. “Also, the majority of gemstones, we can have a both in lab and natural, so you can have a bit of everything.”

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Another reason for the appointment has to do with Brilliant Earth’s commitment to sustainability. The company does not mass produce the majority of its jewelry, according to Troung. Each set of new rings rotates through the company’s showrooms across the U.S.

“New collections are coming out every single quarter, every new year — we have a new collection, new ring and a new design,” she said. “If you’re interested in seeing those, an appointment is highly recommended, so we can ship that specifically for you.”

Even though a specific ring or design may not be immediately available, each location does have a selection of items from each collection that it can share with clients.

While the bridal industry remains a sizable portion of Brilliant Earth’s business, Troung said that stores like the one in Mosaic District are open for anyone looking for a nice pendant, bracelet or necklace.

“It’s more like an everyday kind of store,” she said. “It’s a big way to reach a different customer. People come here for the holidays to find a nice gift. It’s easier and more approachable for different clients.”

Brilliant Earth’s Mosaic District store is located at 2905 District Ave. #105 in Fairfax. The store is Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; and Sunday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. More information about the store or how to book an appointment is available online.

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