GRAYSLAKE, IL — Dozens of vendors stop out to the Grayslake Farmers Market each week, and we wanted to share with readers some of these businesses, which you may or may not have heard of.

The Grayslake Farmers Market is held every Wednesday from 3 to 7 p.m. on Center Street in downtown Grayslake. Julie Jason, marketing manager for the Grayslake Farmers Market, says the market draws 67 different vendors each week and has been in operation more than 25 years.

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This week, Grayslake Farmers Market vendor Yamie Hu of Three Legged Brewing LLC in Grayslake shared more about her business with Patch.

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Here’s what Hu had to say:

Which farmers markets do you sell your products at? How often?

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Every week in Grayslake, Libertyville and Mundelein Farmers Market

When did you start your business?

Jan. 1, 2023

Why did you start your business? What is your background/expertise?

Coffee has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I have been brewing cold brew and serving on tap as a hobby for many years and people seemed to love my creations.

Before starting the business, I have 20 years of experience in corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions, and business operations with large corporations around the country and internationally. I also have a MBA from University of Chicago School of Business.

Pursuing entrepreneurship has been a dream come true, especially seeing how much customers are enjoying my brews and coming back for more. The company’s mission is to provide a game-changing coffee routine that is healthy and tasty. All our coffee has no sugar, no dairy and no additives. I truly believe that craft coffee is for everyone and should be clean, smooth and ready to drink.

What are some of your most popular products sold at markets? Why are these popular?

At the Farmers Market, you will find our delicious nitro cold brew coffee and carbonated cold brew tea on tap as well as a lineup of zero-calorie cold brew cans. Usually, the flavored coffee is the first one that ran out! We rotate the flavors each week, so people can sample different things and find the ones they like the most. We highly encourage market goers to bring personal growlers for refills to reduce product packaging. And we have been seeing growler sales going up significantly as weeks go on.

What’s next for your business? Any new products or expansions the public may want to know about?

Oh, there is so much in our future! We are just starting out. We are consistently doing R&D of new flavors for cold brew coffee/tea in the background. And we are working on finding the right distribution partners to bring our cans and kegs in front of more people.

How can people learn more about your business/buy from you (share any website links, store locations, etc.)

Shop online at Use promo code Cheers for your first order! You can also get the cans at Beer Bazaar and Bake Share in Grayslake.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Three Legged Brewing is named after the founder’s three-legged dog Mogwai. Mogwai is their oldest rescue dog and serves as the inspiration for the company’s mission to spread health and happiness in the world while supporting animal welfare efforts. Mogwai had her front leg amputated due to cancer but still has a zest for life. The company uses this same character and resilience in its craft. Three Legged Brewing carefully selects the best beans from local artisan roasters that yield the cleanest and smoothest taste. The company uses a proprietary production system that brews coffee in refrigerated environment with reverse osmosis mineral water, patiently letting the beans steep for ~24 hours to ensure consistent taste and quality.

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