Manipur-based environment activist Licypriya Kangujam has claimed that her phone was snatched by unidentified miscreants while recording a live video on Diwali eve in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida.

“My mobile phone was just snatched away (10 minutes ago) by two bike-borne thieves while I was going live on my Facebook in front of the Bellana Street market, Greater Noida, Sector 16B opposite Nirala Aspire. Kindly help me!,” the 11-year-old said in a Tweet, seeking help from the Noida police.

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Mobile stolen during first FB live

According to Licypriya, this was her first live Facebook video.

In the video, Licypriya can be seen standing on a roadside with traffic movement in the backdrop as she went live on Facebook ahead of Diwali to talk about the impact of firecrackers and pollution.

Five minutes and 55 seconds into the live video, it ends abruptly with a shaky frame as she was speaking.

It also appeared that Licypriya was not holding the phone and either someone else was recording the video for her or it was placed on some object to record the video, the purported footage showed.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central Noida) Ram Badan Singh said, “Directions have been issued to the local Bisrakh police station for investigation in the case. Legal proceedings are being carried out.” 

Facebook/ Licypriya Kangujam

Who is Licypriya Kangujam?

Licypriya who claims that she was inspired by climate activist Greta Thunberg has been advocating against climate change since July 2018.

Since then she has been a regular participant in youth-led climate change-related protests in India.

Her tweet that got Taj premises cleaned up

In June this year, she had created an uproar after she tweeted a photo showing plastic waste piled up on the backside of the Taj Mahal in Agra.

 Behind the beauty of Taj Mahal! Thanks humans. You might be witnessing this scene when you visit the Taj Mahal. You may say it’s very polluted but your 1 piece of polythene bag, one simple plastics water bottle led this situation when millions of people visit every year,” she had said in a Tweet.

Left embarrassed, the Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) quickly swung into action and cleaned up the garbage.

“Happy to see my one tweet forced to clean garbage around Taj Mahal by the authorities yesterday. But I want a permanent solution. Ban single use plastic completely in & around all heritage site of India under a law,” Licipriya wrote in a follow-up tweet, two days later.

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