FARMINGDALE, NY — Runner’s Edge of Farmingdale won best sneaker store on Long Island in the 2023 Bethpage Best of LI Awards.

The store, at 242 Main Street, also has a location in Huntington. Runner’s Edge has won best sneaker store on the island for 10 of the past 13 years.

Allie Cook said winning best sneaker store on Long Island is an honor.

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“We are very grateful to receive the support from our local community,” Cook told Patch. “What sets us apart from other shoe stores is the customer service we strive to give every single person that walks through our doors. We believe it is one of the most important values as a small local company in today’s world when you can easily buy online. When a person walks in we want them to have that feeling that they are welcome and we are ready to help them the best we can. Acknowledging all their needs and giving them an experience that they will remember years later is something we aim to do every day.”

Runner’s Edge staff sits down one-on-one with each customer when they are being fitted to try and help them settle on what shoes to purchase. Customers are asked about their fitness goals and are encouraged to chat and tell the staff member their story.

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“Our goal for each customer is that they leave feeling happy and confident in knowing that they are making the best choice for their feet and running!” Cook said.

Runner’s Edge works with several local running clubs, race directors, coaches, doctors, gyms, and running teams, and the store tries to give back however it can. The shop donates to several races and charities with prizes and giveaways in addition to working with the local community.

The shop hosts runs and clinics from its store each month in an effort to bring people together. Runner’s Edge usually looks to support a fellow small business in the process. The store also does informational clinics and hosts runs in hopes it is getting everyone to gather together in sharing their love and passion for running. It also has its own running/triathlon team that consists of 150+ members who aim to inspire one another every day.

“Whether you’re a lifelong runner or looking to develop a more active lifestyle, Runner’s Edge can help you take the next step,” the Bethpage Best page reads. “By outfitting you with the proper sneakers for your needs, they help you reach your fitness goals comfortably and safely. A multi-sport headquarters, they carry all the latest footwear and accessories for your activity, which could be anything from an extreme endurance event to a stroll around the block. The family-owned and operated store is staffed by experienced runners who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Plus, the store has special events and group runs for fitness enthusiasts looking for a community to join. Runner’s Edge is all about supplying you with the resources you need to get — and stay — on your feet.”

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