In Karnataka’s Mandya district, bachelor men, struggling to find a suitable match, have come up with a unique and bizarre solution – ‘Brahmacharigala Padayatre’ (bachelors’ march).


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What and why?

At least 200 single are ready to undertake a 105-km padayatra to the propitious Male Mahadeshwara Hills temple in Chamrajanagar district in the hope of getting a bride. Why? Due to differences in the male-female ratio and a shrunken female population.

A woman farmer leader told TOI that the district has a history of female foeticide and the price is being paid by these young men today. Located over 40 km from Mysuru, Mandya district, which is witnessing an acute shortage of brides today, is largely an agricultural district with a population of primarily farmers and field workers. 

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‘Brahmacharigala Padayatra’ 

This unique padayatra will start from KM Doddi village in Maddur taluka on February 23 and the men will cover the distance on foot over three days to reach MM Hills on February 25. Participants mainly from Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mandya and Shivamogga districts besides many local youths have registered so far.

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Called ‘Brahmacharigala Padayatra’ (bachelors’ march), over 200 unmarried men have registered to participate in it, while many of them are also taking up this arduous walk to find ‘mental peace.’ However, the primary purpose of this march is to collectively seek blessings from the divine deity to find them a woman to marry.

“They want boys from the city”

33-year-old DP Mallesh, who lives in Karnataka’s Maddur taluka, is covinced about how women in his village want to marry only those who live in a big city like Bengaluru. Maddur is 80 km away from Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru.


“For the past four to five years, I have been searching for a suitable girl to marry. I have met girls whose proposals came to us for marriage. They (girls) say they will only marry boys from the city. Nobody wants to marry their daughter to a farmer or an agriculturist like me,” Mallesh told News18, as he prepares to walk from February 23.

“The children of my women classmates are now of marriageable age, while we are still looking for a life partner,” said another farmer, who is hoping to find a girl with “the grace of god”.

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