CONCORD, NH — A police officer from Concord is OK after their cruiser was struck at the intersection of Interstate 393 and Commercial Street early Tuesday morning.

Around 6:30 a.m., an officer informed dispatch they were off with a crash scene at the intersection, checking for any injuries. The officer told dispatch a nurse and a Good Samaritan were assisting those involved in the crash.

A minute later, the officer informed dispatch another driver had just driven into the back of their cruiser.

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“The road is completely blocked now,” the officer said. “I’m working on shutting down the road now.”

The officer said the airbags were deployed in the vehicle involved in the rear-ender with the cruiser, but the driver appeared alright. The officer confirmed to command staff that they were OK and said the other vehicle did not see the cruiser, probably due to sun glare, and drove into the vehicle.

Find out what's happening in Concordwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Other officers and Concord fire and rescue teams were sent to the scene. One of the crashes involved a Honda CR-V, while another crash involved an RV with a person sustaining a head laceration, an officer at the scene said. Another vehicle was a Subaru.

Around 6:45 a.m., tow trucks were requested to the scene.

Concord police were not available for comment at post time.

Concord NH Patch will update this story when more information becomes available.

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