TUSCALOOSA, AL — Neighborhood Bridges in Tuscaloosa received a special allocation of $35,000 Wednesday from the Tuscaloosa County Commission.

The funds will help the nonprofit continue its mission of providing local schoolchildren with the essentials they need to be comfortable in the classroom.

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Former Tuscaloosa County School System guidance counselor and Neighborhood Bridges area director Connie Coleman thanked the commission for its support and explained that the goal of the fairly new online portal is to provide every counselor and social worker in local schools the ability to reach out with specific needs for individual students.

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Coleman then explained that since the program went online in the Tuscaloosa area in 2021, its list of email subscribers has grown to 1,376, with regular donations provided to cover things like field trip costs, new band instruments or even daily necessities after a child’s family might’ve lost a home in a fire.

Find out what's happening in Tuscaloosawith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“Some of it will make you ashamed of how lucky you are,” Coleman said of the needs often addressed by Neighborhood Bridges, going on to say the initiative has helped over 20,000 local families since its inception.

While the Tuscaloosa County Commission already supports Neighborhood Bridges with annual funding, the $35,000 offered up by District 3 Commissioner Mark Nelson will come from his district’s allocation of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding and provide the nonprofit with a financial cushion for the time being.

The measure passed unanimously.

Click here to learn more about Neighborhood Bridges or to make a donation to help out a local child in need.

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