BEL AIR, MD — It’s been almost five months since the town of Bel Air and Harford County were rocked to the core with the discovery of slain 37-year-old mom of five Rachel Morin’s body near the popular Ma and Pa Trail.

With no concrete leads on where the suspect is at and who exactly he is, Morin’s family faces the New Year without answers. She was found naked and “violently assaulted” Aug. 5 after her boyfriend, Richard Tobin, reported her missing when she didn’t return from her walk on the trail the night before.

In an exclusive interview with Patch, Rachel’s mother, Patty Morin, said Rachel’s siblings and children have done the best they can this holiday season. Rachel’s children range in age from 8 to 18 and have three different fathers, her former employer told the New York Post. Since Rachel’s death in August 2023, her family members have only been able to see her five children a couple of times since they live with their dads.

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“As time has progressed, I don’t know how they are doing; I do know that some have outside support. I do know they miss each other,” Patty Morin said.

In the meantime, investigators continue to hunt for Rachel Morin’s killer, whom officials fear will strike again. Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler previously said he believes the man who took Morin’s life is a serial killer. According to investigators, the suspect is a Hispanic man in his early to mid-20s and estimated to be 5’9″ and weighing around 160 pounds.

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Find out what's happening in Bel Airwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

DNA evidence from the Morin crime scene matched DNA found at the scene of that March 2023 home invasion in Los Angeles. Doorbell camera video provided by the Los Angeles Police Department captured a brief clip of that man leaving the scene of the reported home invasion and assault in California.

“There are no new leads at this time. We are told by detectives that they still have leads and we are hopeful someone calls in with a tip that can identify the suspect,” Randolph Rice, attorney with Rice, Murtha & Psoras, LLC, told Patch in an exclusive interview.


The Morin family has been working with the law firm to help boost law enforcement’s investigation and have blanketed the Bel Air community with English and Spanish flyers depicting the suspect. The same information was shared with schools surrounding a Los Angeles home where officials believe the same suspect sexually assaulted a girl, according to investigators.

Rice warned everyone to be aware of their surroundings at all times. He told Patch the suspect in Rachel Morin’s murder “side-stalks” his victims.

“Please be very aware of those around you. Have you seen that same guy in two different places? Don’t consider it a coincidence. Take a pic with your phone, call the sheriff’s office or email our attorney and we will forward the tip/picture from you. You must be diligent for your safety and that of your family. He could be the guy standing next to you,” Rice told Patch.

Anyone with information related to the Rachel Morin murder case can contact the Harford County Sheriff’s Office at (410) 836-7788 or via email at To learn more about contributing to the Rachel Morin Reward Fund, individuals can visit the law firm’s dedicated website at


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