RIVERHEAD, NY — Jimmy Fallon, a familiar face on the East End, delighted fans recently when he did what so many in Riverhead have done for years — stopped off for dinner and dessert at two of the area’s most beloved eateries.

Snowflake Ice Cream Shopped posted a photo of Fallon, host of “The Tonight Show,” with the caption, “Jimmy Fallon having a taco at Funcho’s and an ice cream at Snowflake!”

Speaking with Patch, owner Stu Feldschuh said he wasn’t there when Fallon came in. His staff, however, “said he was a very nice guy. At first, they didn’t even realize it was him. They said, ‘That looks like Jimmy Fallon,'” he laughed.

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Fallon had stopped first at Funcho’s next door, he said. Al Zavala, owner of Funcho’s said Fallon came in with his daughter; they ordered Mexican pizza and pork tacos.

“Everyone left them alone,” he said. “Thank God, it wasn’t too busy. He was very friendly.”

Find out what's happening in Riverheadwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Staffers at Snowflake said Fallon ordered a soft vanilla cone.

Feldschuh said it’s not unusual for celebrities to stop by, and usually, there’s not much fanfare. But in Fallon’s case, he’s so well-loved that customers and staffers alike were thrilled across the board.

“The post got a lot of attention on social media,” Feldschuh said. “A lot of people really like Jimmy Fallon. “He’s a very nice guy. We get a lot of (famous) people in here, and no one usually makes a big deal. But he has good vibes about him.”

In the end, he added, Fallon —who once touched hearts when he gave a woman in Sagaponack a ride at the beach as a deluge of rain began to fall — was just enjoying life on the East End.

“He did what a lot of people do,” Feldschuh said. “Got some tacos at Funcho’s and ice cream at Snowflake.”

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