MIDDLETOWN, CT – Middletown Republican Town Committee has endorsed Mike Marino as the mayoral candidate for the election in November.

Mariano serves as a council member of the City’s Common Council.

Middletown Republic Town Committee endorsed Mariano for the mayoral seat on Wednesday, July 19, during the Middletown Republican Town Committee meeting.

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Mariano joins Mayor Ben Florsheim, who said he was seeking reelection for the top spot in Middletown.

During the Middletown Republican Town Committee meeting, Mariano accepted the endorsement for the Republican mayoral candidate.

Find out what's happening in Middletownwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The Middletown Republican Town Committee posted a video of Mariano’s speech on their Facebook page, where he said it was an honor to have been chosen to represent the Republican party as the mayoral candidate.

“We can either be a city that’s knowns for its low-income housing and high taxes or a city that strives to have a more vibrant economic future where people want to invest their money by purchasing a home, starting a business, or even both,” Mariano said.

Mariano said the city is in a transition state, and there’s an opportunity to make it better.

“I hope we can all work as a team, and hopefully, we can be successful in November,” he said.

Watch the full speech here.

Other candidates Middletown Republican Town Committee endorsed for the November elections are.

Common Council: Anthony Gennaro, Callie Grippo, Deborah Kleckowski, Nigel Macon-Wilson, Kurt McAuliffe, Jon Pulino, Linda Salafia and Bill Wilson.

Board of Education: Deborah Kleckowski, Macon-Wilson, Morgan Monarca, Matt Schwartz and Bill Wilson.

Planning and Zoning Commission: Marcus Fazzino, Tyler Eckstrom, Morgan Monarca and William Perkins.

Planning and Zoning Alternate: Marcus Fazzino and William Perkins.

Board of Assessment Appeals: Robin Goss and Shawn Paradis.

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