An Australian cricket journalist who is in India currently shared a video on Twitter that showed construction workers engaged in a task without any protective gear or following any safety protocol.

Peter Lalor, who has been in India to cover the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, said he was amazed by the guts shown by the construction worker and took to Twitter to share a video.

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Video viral on the internet 

The video showed a worker standing on a scaffolding without any safety equipment, being passed building equipment by his co-workers nine stories high. Lalor expressed admiration for the worker’s bravery but called for the need to demand better site safety.

“Indian construction workers are amazingly brave but bloody hell I reckon they might need a union to demand a bit more site safety. This is 9 stories up with another 9 to go,” Lalor tweeted.  

Watch the video below:

In another video, Lalor highlighted his concern for the worker who climbed the same scaffolding to assist his co-worker. He feared for the worker’s safety and said, “The poor bloke is going to be doing this all day. I’m scared for him. You’d think the people who build these places could afford some safety. A rope to secure him at least.”

Reactions on Twitter

But Twitter seemed to disagree with the cricket journalist and said it was ” not bravery but sheer desperation”. Here are some of the reactions.

Shared on Tuesday, the video has amassed more than 37,000 views.

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