Forest officials in the tourist town of Ooty in Tamil Nadu have launched a search operation for a stray tiger spotted there on Thursday.

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The big cat was spotted by some locals in Indu Nagar on Thursday morning with its prey, a freshly-killed cow.

In videos and photos shared on social media, the big cat can be seen standing next to a partly-eaten cow carcass near the Ooty Golf Course.


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Tiger spotted with its prey

According to reports, the tiger had killed the cow on Wednesday night.

In videos and images posted by IRAS officer Ananth Rupanagudi, the big cat can be seen dragging prey.

“This was at the edge of the Golf course in Ooty – the big cat with its meal!” he said in a Tweet.

According to Forest Officials, the tiger could have strayed from the nearby forests in the Nilgiris.

Forest Department to monitor tiger’s movement 

Though it abandoned its prey and withdrew into the jungle, the presence of the tiger in a human habitat has spread panic among locals.

Forest Officials have warned that the tiger could return and urged locals not to step out at night.

A team has also been set up to track the movement of the tiger and based on its behaviour, further actions, if necessary, will be taken.


As per the latest estimates, there are around 34 tigers in the Nilgiris division, with another four in the Mukurthi National Park.

Tiger captured in Kerala

It is not just Nilgiris that is facing a tiger problem.

Across the border in Kerala’s Wayanad, recently, a tiger was captured after it terrorised a village for nearly a month.

The 10-year-old tiger, officially named W-43, had killed over a dozen cattle before it was captured.


Forest Officials said that W-43 had no severe injuries, but the tiger had lost its left canine tooth, which officials believe is why it preyed on cattle.

Why tigers attack humans and domestics animals 

Big cats, including tigers, leopards and even lions, usually don’t attack humans or domestic animals.

However, age and serious injuries that cripple their hunting abilities in the wild often force them to stray into human settlements in search of easy food.

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