In an upsetting incident, feral dogs mauled three deer to death at Delhi zoo last month, officials said on Thursday.


As per reports, the incident took place on the night of November 12. Two of the killed deer were endangered hog deer, while the third was the only Sika or Japanese deer.

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How did it happen?

On the fateful night, the dogs jumped over an eight-ft-tall boundary wall and entered the deer enclosure. The guards, unaware of the development, found the carcasses of the two hog deer the following day. 

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Zoo Authorities have claimed that community dogs killed the three deer that died at the zoological park. These dogs are believed to have entered the enclosure from a JJ cluster adjoining the boundary wall near Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. 

 As per a Times Of India report, an initial probe has been launched and tenders to fix the wall have been floated.

When inquired about loopholes that have existed for a long time, zoo director Akanksha Mahajan admitted that the barbed wire atop the wall was broken down in many places.

“The damage did not happen suddenly, but over a period of time. It is a very long boundary wall,” Mahajan told TOI.

Rs 2 crores tender to raise the wall

Mahajan revealed that the zoo’s civil construction unit has issued a tender of Rs 2 crores to raise the height of the boundary wall adjacent to the railway tracks.

“For now, we have made some temporary repairs to the broken sections and have asked the municipal corporation to clear the debris from the outside of the boundary wall to prevent dogs and miscreants from entering the zoo premises,” added Mahajan.

Past incidents at Delhi zoo

Such incidents are not a new occurrence at the Delhi zoo. In 2012, two feral dogs killed four Indian gazelles or chinkara in the Delhi zoo. 

Their carcasses were found the following day, with their necks and heads lacerated. It was concluded that the feral dogs entered when a garbage disposal truck drove inside the zoo. These dogs were captured after a few days.


In February 2017, deaths of monitor lizards and civet cats were reported at the zoo. It came to light that authorities had allegedly smuggled in replacements for the dead animals to hide the incident. The case related to this is being heard in the Delhi high court.

Zoo authorities seek support from Railways

Mahajan told Hindustan Times that she has also written to the Railways to clear the area adjacent to the zoo. 

In response, a northern railway spokesperson said the Railways has been removing encroachments from time to time in the permitted areas.

“Once a formal letter is received, we can comment further on the incident. However, encroachments are being tackled in a systemic manner across railway tracks in Delhi,” the spokesperson said.

Community dogs are territorial and are best employed as guard dogs, keeping the rodent population down. These dogs are protected from being exterminated or shipped out, as there are legal restrictions against both, HT reported on account of MCD officials.

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