A hospital in Madhya Pradesh witnessed a rare sight on Wednesday after a woman in the Gwalior district gave birth to a baby girl with ‘four’ legs.

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The girl was born to Aarti Kushwaha of Sikandar Kampoo locality at the Women and Child Pediatrics Department of Kamla Raja Hospital.

As per an ANI report, the baby is healthy and her weight is 2.3kg. Upon her birth, a team of doctors and the Jayarogya Hospital Group Gwalior superintendent examined the infant.

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Two legs inactive

Talking to the news agency, the Superintendent of Jayarogya Hospital Group, Dr RKS Dhakad, said that the baby girl was born with four legs and had a ‘physical deformity’. He explained that some fetuses ‘become extra’, called Ischiopagus in medical science. 

 “When the embryo divides into two parts, the body develops in two places. The lower part, below the waist of this baby girl, has developed with two extra legs, but those legs are inactive,” Dhakad said.

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Dhakad further said that the doctors of the Paediatric Department are currently examining whether there is any other deformity in any part of the infant’s body. 

Extra limbs to be removed by surgery

“After examination, if she is found to be healthy, then those legs will be removed through surgery so that she can lead a normal life,” Dhakad added.

The superintendent also informed the baby girl is currently undergoing treatment in the Special Newborn Care Unit of the Pediatrics Department of Kamla Raja Hospital.

“The doctors’ team is continuously monitoring the health condition of the infant. The doctors are discussing about removing her extra legs by surgery. At present, the baby girl is completely healthy,” Dhakad was quoted as saying by ANI.

8 foetuses in 21-day-old baby’s womb

In October this year, a 21-day-old infant was found carrying eight foetuses in her womb. After the baby was born in a Jharkhand hospital, the doctors discovered a lump in her abdomen.

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They advised the parents to get it operated on at once. During the procedure, doctors found that foetuses ranging from three to five centimetres in size were settled inside a cyst in the abdomen. Dr Mohammed Imran told TOI that it was a rare medical condition known as Fetus-in-fetu (FIF). 

While claiming that it might be the first case in the world with the given number of foetuses, he said that FIF is known to occur in one in five lakh live births. The operation on November 1 was successful, and the baby was reported to be in normal condition.

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