To keep alive the memory of Argentina winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar University declared that Lionel Messi’s hotel room will be converted into a mini-museum, as per NDTV. Qatar University shared pictures of all the rooms in which Argentina stayed. Messi was in B201. It shall not host any more guests and all the possessions left will be retained for students and visitors to see. 


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“The University of Qatar announces the allocation of the room built by the Argentine national team player Lionel Messi during the Qatar World Cup into a mini museum,” Qatar University wrote on Facebook with the photos.

“The room of Argentina national team player Lionel Messi will remain unchanged and will remain available only for visitors and not for residence,” said Hitmi al Hitmi, director of communications and public relations at Qatar University while speaking to Al Sharq, as per Goal. 


“Messi’s belongings will be a legacy for students and future generations and a witness to the great achievements Messi has reached during the World Cup,” Hitmi added.