NORWALK, CT — ShopRite in Norwalk officially unveiled the results of a years-long renovation project Monday morning during a grand reopening celebration at the Connecticut Avenue supermarket.

Tom Cingari Sr., whose family owns and operates a number of ShopRite stores throughout Connecticut, welcomed Mayor Harry Rilling and other local leaders to the renovated Norwalk store during a ribbon cutting event.

Cingari noted Rilling’s leadership and guidance helped the long process of enhancing the store move smoothly and efficiently.

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“It all happened in a timely manner,” Cingari said. “We work in many municipalities across southern Connecticut, and I’ve got to tell you honestly this has been a very efficient process.”

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Others in attendance included Greater Norwalk Chamber President Brian Griffin, Connecticut Food Association President Wayne Pesce and Store Manager Ghulam Musthafa, as well as Cingari’s sons, Tom Jr. and John, and other members of the Cingari family.

Cingari also thanked customers for supporting them throughout the long project, as well as team members at the store for all their hard work.

“It’s been a year and a half…you stepped up to the challenge, you did a great job,” Cingari said. “You kept the store clean and neat, customer service standards were maintained. I know you’re very proud of what’s been done here and it couldn’t have been without all of you. Thank you very much.”

Rilling thanked the Cingari family for their continued investments in Norwalk.

“Over the years,” Rilling said, “I can only imagine the number of people from Norwalk and the surrounding areas that you have hired and helped raise their economic level.”

He also acknowledged the efforts of the store’s employees during difficult circumstances over the past few years due to the coronavirus crisis.

“These are your heroes,” Rilling said, “the people that kept your store open, that came to work every day while others were staying home, the people that made this, so I want to thank them.”

Tom Cingari Jr. told Patch last year the project marks the first major renovation the flagship Norwalk store has received in its 30-year history.

Upgrades at the store include expanded food offerings and new elevated services for shoppers such as a grill, an expanded floral shop, “take-and-bake seafood” options and even an on-site cheese monger.

“You’ve done a beautiful job here,” Rilling said, “and I can’t say enough how pleased I am that the Cingari family has decided to remain in Norwalk, has invested once again in Norwalk and made this a state-of-the-art grocery store; the most trusted conventional grocery store in the northeast.”

Cingari said he and his team were excited to officially unveil all the work done at the store over the past year and noted they had accomplished even more than they originally anticipated.

“The store looks absolutely fantastic,” Cingari said. “The variety and selection that we’re able to bring to our customers in Norwalk are just amazing. The launch of the ‘Grade Above’ brand and prepared foods is phenomenal and has been an overwhelming success and accepted by our community. We’re looking forward to continued business and support and giving back to the Norwalk community.”

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