After a video of a couple hugging and kissing while on a scooty went viral, the 23-year-old man has now been arrested by city police under sections 294 (obscene act) and 279 (rash driving) of the IPC. However, the girl has been let off.’

Lucknow Couple

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Man arrested, girl let off

But why? Because police said the girl in the video is a minor, hence, no action was taken against her. The cops tracked the scooter and arrested Vickey Sharma, the driver, who was seen riding the vehicle in the Hazratganj area.

Police launched a hunt for the couple after the video went viral and the officers tracked, traced and arrested driver Vickey Sharma through CCTV footage for “riding a scooter in an inappropriate manner”.

The viral video was shot from the vehicles behind. As seen in the video, there was medium traffic on the road and on the scooter Vickey was driving, a girl was seen sitting facing Vickey, wrapping her legs around him. The couple was also seen kissing while the video was being made.


“The behaviour of the couple not only transcend the boundaries of decency and social behaviour but is also an offence under the Motor Vehicles Act,” a senior police official had said.

Before the arrest, police had said that the couple will face legal repercussions for violating the Motor Vehicle Act and spreading obscenity.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) Central, Rajesh Srivastava, had earlier suspected that the couple seen in the video is not a boy and a girl as it appears, but these are two girls. However, by Wednesday evening, the case was clear with the arrest of Vickey Sharma.

Similar case from the past

On December 29, another couple was seen hugging each other on a moving bike in Andhra Pradesh. The video of the young couple embracing on a moving motorcycle went viral on social media, and the footage eventually led to their arrest.

The boy in the video, identified as Ajay Kumar, was 22 years old and the woman was K Shailaja, 19-year-old and a resident of Chodavaram. The footage was thought to have been recorded on Visakhapatnam’s Steel Plant Road. 

The woman was seated on the bike’s fuel tank, as seen in the video. The man was driving the bike while sitting in the driver’s seat and the girl was hugging him from the front. It was deemed not only a bizarre way to ride but also a life risk. The man was also seen not wearing a helmet.   

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