Have you ever drunk-dialed your ex? There’s a possibility many of us have been there but this Mumbai woman ordered ₹2,500 worth on Friday. The catch? She ordered it from a restaurant in Bengaluru while she was drunk!

“Did I drunk order 2500 rs worth of biryani all the way from Bangalore…” the woman – whose handle is @subiii – tweeted with a screenshot of the order page. But, she was smart to order it from the popular joint Meghana Foods. 

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After the girl shared about her drunk food ordering experience on Twitter, the comment section of her post turned into an appreciation of the city’s iconic eatery with food delivery giant, Zomato, also joining the conversation saying that it will be a “happy hangover”.

“Subii, you’ll have a happy hangover once the order is at your doorstep. Do let us know about the experience,” Zomato wrote.

Later, when @subii received her order, she even shared pictures of her meal which had biryani, salan, raita and chips. She jokingly wrote, “best decision ever @zomato, where is my paycheck?”

The post was put up on January 21, 2021 (Saturday) and has been viewed 487.7k times already and has got a flurry of comments. 

Unsplash/Representational Image

For those confused about how an order was placed across states, Zomato offers the ‘intercity legends’ service that allows customers to order select specialities from a few restaurants in major Indian cities. These orders will take a few days to be delivered… so plan accordingly.

“Zomato Legends is a new offering by Zomato that ensures delivery of India’s most iconic dishes from legendary restaurants across cities by using mobile refrigeration technology which increases the shelf life of the dish…” the company said when it announced the service.


In less funny news about Zomato, an entrepreneur named Vinay Sati claimed to have uncovered a ‘shocking scam’ after he said Zomato agents told him how to cheat the company.

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal said: “Aware of this. Working to plug the loopholes.”

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