A shocking twin murder case that has come to light from Guwahati has yet again shocked the nation with its spine-chilling details. 

The police on Monday revealed that a man and his mother were killed, cut into pieces, packed in polythene bags and dumped in gorges of neighbouring Meghalaya by his wife and her two “close friends”. 

The accused, identified as Bandana Kalita(32), a gym trainer by profession, has confessed to the cold-blooded killings of her husband, Amarjyoti Dey, and mother-in-law, Shankari Dey. 

Bandana Kalita

As per reports, Bandana was assisted by her suspected lover, Dhanti Kalita, and her friend, Arup Das, in chopping up the body parts after the murders. 

After that, the trio used Dhanti’s car to go to hilly areas in Meghalaya to dispose of the dismembered body parts. 

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Uncovering of the case

Diganta Barah, the Commissioner of Police, told the media that the Bandana filed a missing complaint at the police station for Amarjyoti Dey and Shankari Dey, allegedly after killing both of them. 

Diganta Barah

She had even alleged that the police were not doing enough to trace the missing duo.

Shankari Dey was a retired state government employee. She used to live in the city’s Noonmati area while her son Amarjyoti Dey was living in Narengi. 

In November last year, the nephew of Sankari Dey had also filed an FIR at Noonmati police station over suspicion that his aunt was kidnapped. But the police could not find enough clues in the missing cases then. 

Later, when Nirmalya Dey contacted the Assam CID, a special team was constituted to probe the incident. 

Meanwhile, the accused Kalita also went to the Police Commissioner’s office demanding a fresh probe. 

The special team noted some anomalies in the statements of Nirmalya Dey and Bandana Kalita and initiated an interrogation of them. 

“Though Bandana Kalita initially tried to mislead the police more than once, after two days of thorough interrogation, she broke down and confessed her crime,” Barah added. 

How the murders were committed 

On July 26 last year, Kalita went to Shankari Dey’s house with Arup Deka, strangled the lady to death, and later beheaded her with a sharp machete. The body was later cut into three pieces. 

In the meantime, her other associate, Dhanki Deka, was waiting outside the house with polythene bags.

They packed the body parts in bags, covered them with rugs, and drove to the Shillong-Cherapunjee Road in neighbouring Meghalaya in the wee hours of July 27 to dispose of the body parts and the murder weapon. 

On August 17, Kalita, Arup Deka, and Dhanki Deka went to Amarjit Dey’s house and hit him with a heavy rod. As Dey lay unconscious, his head was chopped off and his body was cut into five pieces. 

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The next morning, the trio followed the earlier tactic and disposed of the body parts in a dense forest in Meghalaya’s Dawki area. 

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The senior police officer added that Dhanki Deka has been arrested from Tinsukia, while another accused, Arup Deka, was nabbed by the police in Guwahati. 

The officer added that some of the body pieces were recovered and efforts are on to retrieve Amarjit Dey’s body parts. 

What the initial probe revealed 

As per a preliminary probe by police, Amarjyoti was a drug addict and had many female friends, which caused frequent fights between the couple, who married 12 years ago. 

It has also been revealed that Amarjyoti didn’t share a cordial relationship with his mother.

The exact motive of the murder is yet to be ascertained as police investigation is underway. 

Police, meanwhile, confirmed that the chopped body parts were not stashed in the refrigerator as was speculated earlier.

(With inputs from IANS)

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