The Union health ministry has issued an advisory for the expected heatwave from March to May. The list of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ come amid India Meteorological Department issuing its first heat warning for 2023.

According to the National Disaster Management Authority, heatwave conditions can result in physiological strain, which could have fatal consequences. 


To minimise the impact during the heat wave and to prevent serious ailment or death because of heat stroke, you can follow the do’s and dont’s mentioned below:

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Avoid going out in the sun, especially between 12.00 noon and 3.00 p.m.Avoid strenuous activities when the outside temperature is high.Avoid working outside between 12 noon and 3 p.m. While travelling, carry water with you.Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks, which dehydrate the body.Avoid high-protein food and do not eat stale food. Do not leave children or pets in parked vehicles.


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Drink sufficient water and as often as possible, even if not thirsty.Wear lightweight, light-coloured, loose, and porous cotton clothes.Use protective goggles, umbrella/hat, shoes or chappals while going out in sun.If you work outside, use a hat or an umbrella and also use a damp cloth on your head, neck, face and limbs.     If you feel faint or ill, see a doctor immediately.Use ORS, homemade drinks like lassi, torani (rice water), lemon water, buttermilk, etc., to help rehydrate the body.Keep animals in the shade and give them plenty of water to drink.Keep your home cool; use curtains, shutters, sunshades, and open windows at night.Use fans, damp clothing and take a bath in cold water frequently.


Treatment of a person affected by a sunstroke

Further, the central government’s advisory suggested tips for the treatment of a person affected by sunstroke:

Lay the person in a cool place, under a shade. Wipe her/him with a wet cloth/wash the body frequently.Pour normal-temperature water on the head. The main thing is to bring down the body temperature.Give the person ORS to drink or lemon sarbat/torani or whatever is helpful to rehydrate the body.Take the person immediately to the nearest health centre. The patient needs immediate hospitalisation, as heat strokes could be fatal.

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