CENTURIES OF EMIGRATION have left Ireland and Australia inextricably linked despite their geographical differences. Tomorrow, however, the two nations will be at war.

Not actual war, you understand, but sporty war. Yes, our best and brightest GAA and rugby players are going up against their counterparts in the two codes.

So, before the one off International Rules match throws in at 9.45 AM and the rugby Test kicks off at 4.30 PM, here’s a taster of some of the bragging rights that will be up for grabs.

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Enda Kenny v Tony Abbott

The battle of the ‘Prime Ministers’ could get a little sweaty.

Source: Fine Gael/ABC


v Fungi

Source: Imgur

Big W v Penneys

Source: Photocall

The Banshee…

Source: Wikipedia

v Bunyip

They’re both terrifying.

Source: Wikipedia


Source: Press Association

The battle of stupid hats that tourists love

Source: YouTube screengrab

Source: YouTube

Getting cheap Ryanair flights to Salou v Cheap Jetstar flights to Bali

Source: Press Association

The shocking headline head-to-head

Dinny v Alf

Source: YouTube screengrab

This classic Guinness ad…

Source: Vilmos Toth/YouTube

V this awesome Tooheys ad

Source: retrooldcommercials/YouTube

Who will prevail?

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Originally published Friday, 16.00