Adebayo understands the delicate balance of between beauty and beast

“The thing about Zlatan is, he backs it all up with outrageous skill and goals. He also knows he could beat most men to death.”

Some very wise words from Paul O’Donohoe

“You can teach a lad how to play ball. But you can’t teach him how to be 6’11!”

Rob O’H has already pencilled ‘Greek Freak’ Giannis Antetokounmpo in for an impact role come Championship time.

“Stick him in full-forward and launch the ball to the edge of the square.”

Phil O’Meara is holding on to some hope that the out-half roundabout hasn’t sent JJ Hanrahan across the foam after all

“Is there even a tiny chance that Northampton have signed Jimmy Gopperth and that this is all a bad dream?”

Source: AP/Press Association Images

Eoin Chawke leads the charge in the war on squad numbers

“This is a terrible idea, stop the madness please! #TW5 and #EK13 weren’t trending last month for no reason, iconic players, linked to the positions they made there own for years! #TW17 not quite the same!”

A combined effort now: Everybody who read about the fitness trends we’re addicted to

The balance of power at Barcelona is not very balanced at all, notes Sean Bourke

“There will only be one winner to this argument and it won’t be the manager……”

Karl Kenny presents a decent case for Stephanie Roche coming home

“800e a month? She could get that on the dole here and cheap gargle in Liz Delaney’s!”

Everybody be cool… but Jimmy Fallon got a load of puppies to predict the college football decider!Northampton weren’t quite sure which Munster out-half they signed