Dave Meltzer has taken some heavy criticism for his recent comments about Roman Reigns’ cancer treatement, and is now speaking out to address it. Meltzer spoke on the Wrestling Observer’s fan board about the criticism by Nia Jax and Ryan Satin among others that he had speculated on the treatment Reigns received for his leukemia, saying, “He actually did say the pill was oral chemotherapy. It really — I don’t think it was because the pill that I was talking about, which is a new pill, and that’s what he said — he didn’t give the name of it, like I said, but…the treatment of this is usually not chemotherapy or radiation.” 
Discussing the situation on the board, Meltzer wrote, “I talked about the leading treatment for the condition he has based on experts in the field. I never said that was what he was taking. the drug is frequently talked of as oral chemo but it’s not actually chemo. There is another oral chemo drug that he may have been taking. Whether I should have said it, it would be not just in medical textbooks but from doctors and on the net. I never said he was lying about anything, past saying on the WWE Chronicle show he never mentioned doing the movie or TV show while he was gone. And that could be WWE editing the piece because it wasn’t the story they were creating, or him not saying it. I don’t know. This reaction really encourages reporters not to research and do their job and just write vanilla fluff. Thank God for the Peyton Royce thing because I learned this stuff doesn’t matter and I can just do my job for people who actually expect me to research these types of stories.” 
He later added, “I never said Roman lied once. I did say in October there was a time line issue with him saying his football career was over when he got leuekemia, except he played one season of football after. This was explained to me that he considers the season he played Canadian football not part of his football career. I accept he didn’t lie and it was just his figure of speech and it’s a non-issue at this point…” 
The “Peyton Royce thing” he mentions was the criticism he received in August of last year for saying Royce was “more attractive” in NXT and “a lot lighter,” which Royce responded to and Meltzer apologized for.
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