The Wrap’s Tony Maglio put a damper on a lot of the optimism of AEW’s TV deal during an interview with 411 Mania. Accoridng to Maglio, AEW would be on the TNT network as time buy:
“My understanding based on the people I’ve spoken to is that it would be more AEW paying for its time on TNT than Turner paying AEW for its show. Another very good wrestling reporter and I had been talking about whether that would be the case or whether it would be a revenue share, and we’d both heard rumblings and talked to people. Maybe a couple of months ago it might have been a little bit of a different story. But the truth is, when you’re talking to Turner, [they’re] a very well-established, very well-off company inside of gigantic parent company…it’s not the UFC. It’s not WWE, it’s not MLB. They have MLB, they have NBA. They know what they have to pay for. And I think currently, AEW has way more to prove than Turner has in terms of trying to get them to come to their networks. I think AEW needs this deal more than Turner does.”
Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp chimed in with a Column on AEW having to go the time buy route:
“I should probably note that I was told by a source that has provided me multiple WWE stories that Maglio was a name I should be following as it relates to the situation a couple of weeks ago.
Why does this matter? I’m not sure it really does to anyone outside of AEW. They’re not a publicly traded company, and whatever method they utilize to get on television is really on them. It can, however, affect the level of advertising TNT is willing to put in. A company looking for a return on their investment is likely more motivated to promote a show they’re paying out of their asses for than one paying for their own exposure.”
Fightful also heard from multiple sources on the AEW side of things that they denied rumors that their upcoming television deal would be a time buy. One went as far as to say they had never heard the option presented before Thursday.

(The Spotlight)

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