AEW’s newest acquisition, Jon Moxley, appeared on the latest episode of the Talk is Jericho podcast to discuss a variety of subjects, including signing with AEW, leaving WWE, problems with WWE creative, and more.
During the interview, the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose, detailed the several battles with WWE creative and eventually Vince McMahon over the ridiculous promos he had to say and how he was talked into by Vince to say something very bad about Roman Reigns and his leukemia on Raw.
He said that Vince tried the trick again another time but he flat out refused to say it, calling the line the type which someone would have been fired if it made it on air. Moxley recounted the several face-to-face meetings with McMahon which went nowhere for him.
The former WWE champion added that he was eagerly waiting for WWE to offer him a new contract so he could tell them he’s not signing it and it came to a point where he hated being there and was looking to leave even if there was no AEW around.
The majority of the interview revolved around WWE creative and how much it sucks and how Moxley wants to prove WWE wrong.
Despite his negative comments toward the company, he said he’s grateful for WWE as they changed his life, met some amazing people through Make-A-Wish and also met his wife.
The Talk is Jericho episode runs for 1 hour and 37 minutes and is available now on Westwood One.Click Here: Geelong Cats Guernsey