The Jackson Sun reports that the identity of the janitor on Raw last, Gary Garbutt, was actually Kosha Irby. Irby was formerly the President of the Alliance of American Football’s Memphis Express. Previously, Irby worked for WWE for several years as a regional director of live events.
During the show, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre approached the janitor Gary to be a tag team partner for Roman Reigns in the main event. McMahon and McIntyre then offered “Gary” $5,000 to just stand on the apron during the match and not actually do anything. Gary agreed to the arrangement. However, Cedric Alexander later wore a mask to the ring and replaced Irby, pretending to play the role during the match and later got involved during the Raw main event.
The trick didn’t work. Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon still won the match by pinning the masked Alexander. Alexander revealed himself as being under the mask after the match was over.Click Here: Erling Haaland jersey sale