– Mike Johnson at PWInsider posted a list of current WrestleMania rumors, should the show not go on as scheduled. Johnson kills some rumors and gives insight as to what he’s heard on others. 
* WrestleMania remaining on schedule: As of now, the show is scheduled for Apr. 5 in Tampa. WWE nor Tampa officials have canceled the event, though it seems nearly impossible for it to take place as scheduled given what’s been happening. 
* WrestleMania moving to NYC on Mar. 22: NYC and Madison Square Garden have shut down. This won’t be happening. 
* WrestleMania moving to Saudi Arabia: Johnson reports there’s nothing to this rumor. 
* WrestleMania taking place at the Performance Center: PWInsider confirms the idea was pitched, but is unsure if it remains a possibility. 
* WrestleMania moving to June: June 7 was reportedly rumored among WWE talent, but PWI couldn’t confirm anything. McMahon is reportedly adamant that the show happen on Apr. 5. 
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